Casting & Bracing

pediatric orthopedicsPremier Orthopedics LLC is committed to offering our patients comprehensive orthopedic care. If you or a loved one suffers from a fracture you may need a cast or brace to help your bones heal. The specific method of treatment depends on the severity of the break and the specific bone involved.

The following treatments are used for various types of fractures:

  • Cast: Casting is the most common type of fracture treatment, because most broken bones can heal successfully once they have been re-positioned and a cast has been applied to keep the broken ends in proper position while they heal.
  • Brace: The brace allows limited or “controlled” movement of nearby joints. This treatment is desirable for some but not all fractures.

For your convenience, Premier Orthopedics LLC is equipped with bracing supplies as well as casting expertise which allows us to provide necessary treatment quickly.